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For the last few years I have been working as a lead designer at UAL. During this time we combined 1 domain and 6 sub-domains, created a unified IA and launched a unified website for all 6 colleges under UAL. Since launch we are continuously reviewing the new website and keep making iterative changes to all elements based on statistical analysis and usability research and findings.

Following is an extensive list of work on the site from the last few years.

  • element


    Global base font, localised heading fonts, typographic cascades, typographic scale & typography size revisions.

  • element


    Custom icon system, in-line icons, map markers.

  • element

    Buttons & Call to Actions

    Primary and secondary buttons, interaction states, call to actions, call to action placements, sketches and notes, call to action revisions.

  • system

    3rd party system styleguide

    Use instructions, main menu requirements, grid recommendations, typography requirements, colour scheme requirements.

  • system


    Desktop, tablet and mobile grids and breakpoints, baseline grid and vertical rhythm.

  • Information architecture

    Information architecture & User journeys

    Information architecture map, user journeys, treejack task results, quick personas and page paths.

  • research

    Design direction stakeholder workshops

    Design direction stakeholder workshops, UAL mood and style, colour explorations, image exploration, keyword explorations, type explorations, moodcards.

  • planning

    Website planning & discovery

    Redevelopment planning and discovery, internal command structure and sign off process, website structure and architecture approach, benchmarking, top level IA brainstorms.

  • brand


    New brand, digital brand guidelines, primary and secondary colour palettes, logo white space, logo positioning.

  • component


    Main navigation, navigation dropdown, site search, menu breakdown, logo issues, menu UX exploration, breadcrumb & page title, local navigation, footer navigation.

  • component

    Course finder search

    Course finder menu search, course finder pre-filters, input field suggestions, course finder widget.

  • component


    Slider carousel, film strip carousel, sketches and notes, wireframes, revisions.

  • component

    Image galleries

    Lightbox image gallery, sketches, breakpoint functionality, carousel image gallery, notes.

  • component

    Image credits

    Image credit pattern functionality, sketches and notes, pattern interactions.

  • component


    Map component, filters, sketches and notes.

  • component


    Accordion component, component placement.

  • component


    Tab component, component placement.

  • component


    Table component, component placement, notes, sketches.

  • component

    Link list

    Link list component, anchor list component, component placement, sketches.

  • component


    Pagination pattern, pattern placement, notes, sketches.

  • component


    Profile component, component placement, usage guidelines.

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