George Tsolpakis

London, UK

Born in Greece, I now live and work in London, UK and have 10+ years of professional experience. Throughout these years I have worked on a number of great projects, in many different fields and mediums; from print and branding, to typography and digital. I pride myself for being rational and methodical, comfortable to work on various mediums, and tackle each and every problem with a logical approach.

These days I am working full time at the University of the Arts London as a lead digital designer, freelancing for a select number of clients such as the British Green Party, and working along with a few other people to get a digital services start up off the ground.

And even though my days seem mad-busy, if you have any amazing project in the pipeline and you are in need of a designer I would be very keen to hear all about it. So don't hesitate, reach out and say 'Hello'.