Oxford Policy Management

Oxford Policy Management's mission is to help low- and middle-income countries achieve growth and reduce poverty and disadvantage through public policy reform.

The organisation enables low- and middle-income governments to bring about lasting positive change using analytical and practical policy expertise.

Home page

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Cascading level landing pages

Content pages

Two different content pages were designed based on user behaviour research and findings, one for projects and publications with the project or publication details directly above the main content, and one for blog content with the details in the right aside and previous/next buttons allowing for direct navigation through the content.

Information architecture & User flows

At quite an early stage, when deciding how to structure the site, it became apparent the organisational goals were at odds with the user needs. After some in-depth user research and user testing of several ideas we succeeded in accommodating both ends of the spectrum through detailed page paths and extensive user flows.

Sitemap & User flows

Level split sitemap indicating page relationships and user flows.


As part of the project we developed a number of personas based on user interviews which became the foundation for most user experience solutions.

Journalist persona

Job seeker persona


At the wireframing stage of the project, we opted for some unusual navigation patterns which we tested extensively with the target audiences.

Menu functionality

The main navigation pattern is vertical, contains section links, and is fixed on the left hand side of the page. When a section link is clicked on, the page link and its children appear at the centre of the browser.

When the width of the browser drops under a certain width, the main left hand side navigation collapses to a burger menu icon to conserve space.

When the burger menu icon is clicked, it pushes the page content to the right and reveals the menu section links.

Mobile menu functionality

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